After 8 ABORTlONS and damaged womb, boyfriend dumps girlfriend of 7-Years (Video)

A young man has dumped his girlfriend of long term after she had a damaged womb due to several abortion carried out of her.

As indicated by information gathered online, the man while in his relationship with his girlfriend make her to undergo eight abortion

Due to the excessive abortion, the lady has reportedly suffered a complication which caused the damage of her womb.

According to the video that has popped up online has caught the attention of many.

“Use your brain when you are in a relationship, play safe so you won’t get to regret later. I pity her,” @Riiiriiharlash reacted to it.

Another analyst additionally said “That person should watch his back in light of the fact that she is seeking him. What babble ladies make una think carefully”

Watch the video below;

Watch the video below;

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