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Fraudsters who use sick girl to make money exposed (Photos)

A fraudulent NGO that uses a sick girl to beg for alms without taking her health into consideration has been exposed in Lagos.

A syndicate that capitalizes on the situation of a sick girl to make money in the guise of being a Non-Governmental Agency (NGO), has been exposed after they could not produce any form of identification when a curious Nigerian wanted to render assistance to the girl.

According to reports, the incident occurred around the Trade Fair Complex in Lagos, when the woman, on seeing the girl with a protruding stomach sitting in the middle of the road under the scorching sun with the members of the so-called NGO begging for alms from motorists with a message that they wanted to use it for the girl’s surgery, decided to ask some questions with the intention of help but she was shocked to find out that they were fraudsters and were only capitalizing on the girl’s situation to make money.

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