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46-Year-Old American Woman Arrives Nigeria To Marry Her 23-Year-Old Lover (Photos)

An American woman identified as Janine Sanchez Reimann, has arrived Nigeria in her quest to seal her relationship with her younger lover from Kano State.

46-year-old Reimann has found the love of her life and is presently in Kano State to marry a 23-year-old, Suleiman Isah.

According to an invitation card making the rounds on social media, the Wedding Fatiha will be held on Sunday, December 13, in the Gasau Panshekara area of Kano State.

Below are more photos of the couple ;

A friend of the couple in Katsina State said they met on Instagram and started to date before they decided it would lead to marriage.

In his words ;

“Suleiman has already shared the pre-wedding pictures with his American lover whom he met on Instagram. Sanchez (Janine) and Suleiman became friends over a year ago and fell in love with each other.

“She is a chef based in Lindon, California, and she has said she wouldn’t mind returning to America with her new love after the marriage in Kano. The wedding will take place Saturday 13, December at Panshekara.”

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