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12 year old Nigerian girl gets pregnant – had S ex with four boys (Photos)

It was a shocking story to the parents and neighbours of a 12 year old girl pupil of Igbedeji High School, Kobala,Jigawa state.

Aminu, when the pregnancy test was conducted on her at the Imperial Hospital Kobala, revealed that she was carrying a four months old pregnancy.

The mother of the primary five pupil, who reside at 5 rainbow street, Kobala,Jigawa state. Memunat Adamu, had suspected pregnancy, going by the symptoms exhibited by the teenage girl, who was sick for a while as she decided to take her to hospital after she fails to get well despite long period of self medication.

The mother was rattled when she discover the girl was pregnant after some test.

A neighbor who spoke on Condition of anonymity, said she has been at home for the past two months always complaining of ailments or the other and the mother had to take her to the hospital after home medication could not heal her in the hope that she could be treated there.

The neighbor said when the girl was confronted by her mother, who allegedly sell hot drinks and illicit drugs over who was responsible for the pregnancy, she mentioned one yahya, one of the boys that patronize her mother drinking joint.

However the source hinted that when yahya was confronted, he said he was the one who dated the teenage gilr first but another customer Jacob snatch her from him, when jacob was confronted, he said he had since stopped dating the girl and mentioned another person, who when confronted, mentioned another boy and at last count, the number was five.

It was gathered that mother was infuriated when her daughter confirmed that she slept with all the boys mentioned and could not actually tell who was responsible. it was also gatherd that two of boys were tenants living in the woman’s house.

Out of annoyance she has since asked two of the boys to leave her house but they are requesting for little period of time to secure another house.

When the distraught mother was aksed what she was going to do with the daughter predicament, tears rolled down her cheek, as she said ” I leave everything to God”.

When the area police commander, Mr. David Nyang, contacted he said the incidents has not been reported.

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