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Man Poisons His Brother & Wife After Spending Money They Sent From Abroad To Build House For Them (Photos)

Nigerians are quick to blame devil, poverty and anything blamable for their mischievous habits such as greed, selfishness, wickedness, and lack of empathy. I couple based in the USA was recently assassinated by the husband’s younger brother who the couple has been sending money to help them build a house in Nigeria Gismania reports.

According to the person who shared the story, when the couple arrived in Nigeria and requested to be taken to their mansion to lodge, the kid brother cooked up some story for them and advised them to “relax” at a hotel so that they can go to the mansion the next morning. It was at the hotel that he poisoned the man and his wife, here is how the narrator put the story:

THE picture below is a picture of a couple who came to Nigeria to see the house they built

After sending so much money to his younger brother to build d house and he did not build any house..the younger brother lodged them in a hotel promising to take them to the house the next day, they were later found dead in their hotel room
After many interrogations, it was later discovered that they died of food poison by the younger brother

This explains why many Nigerians abroad have refused to reconnect to their relatives back in Nigeria, due to the fact that money issues usually result in serious problems that sometimes can be fatal or otherwise permanently damage their long-standing relationship. Personally, there should be boundaries when it comes to dealings, for someone that knows so much about your financial situation and they are in dire need of money, they might fall for the temptation of doing things like the above or even worst.

As expected, the culprit initially denied all knowledge leading to their death but eventually confessed when he was handled by the able men of the Nigerian police force. He confessed to poising their drinks while they were at the hotel

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