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Soldier returns home unexpectedly, Catches His Cheating Wife In Bed With Her Lover (Video)

According to a Facebook user, the soldier in the photo caught his wife and lover in bed.He forced them to strip and paraded them .. What justification does he have to do this?
My issue is, why are they just standing? Can’t they run? What justification does he have to do this?

I Am sure that the Soldier might have threatened to kill them with his Gun i am guessing he actually has one since he is a soldier… but when will this injustice Soldiers always melt on we civilians ever stop? Just few weeks back a photo of a soldier making a Nigerian man swim inside a very stinking gutter went viral and now this? aren’t these kind of babaric acts suppose to be against the Military code of conduct? or don’t we have stuffs like that in the whole of Africa? if yes then why do these kind of he goats who call themselves soldiers never get Punished? or are they above the law here in Africa?

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