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Girl Sleeps With Her Best Friend’s Father As Revenge For Snatching Her Boyfriend (Video)

A video circulating the social media shows a young in a hotel room in Ghana with an old man assumed to be the father of her best friend.

According to reports, the best friend identified as Adwoa snatched her boyfriend away from her.

The lady who felt betrayed decided to get even by sleeping with her best friend Adwoa’s dad

Apparently, after doing everything she wanted to do with the old man in the hotel room, she picked her phone to record a video for the man’s daughter, who happens to be her friend.

The lady then turned the phone camera to the old man to say hello to his daughter in a savage way.

”Adwoa, you slept with my boyfriend, see now am in the hotel room with your father. Honey say Hello… LOL,” she said in the video.

Watch the video below:

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