Nigerian Man B eats His Wife Mercilessly for putting just 1 Meat in his Soup (Video)

Residents of the Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsea had a disturbing night, because of a couple one Mr John Udoka 45, and his Wife Mrs Sarah Udoka 37. The Man was reported to have beaten up the wife to pulp because she took more than one meat from the soup pot as they eat in the evening, he said he had told her to remain one meat for the next morning, on going there to check he discovered that the meat was not there, and she denied eating it. The woman who was seen crying and screaming for help as the husband launched punches on her face.

The Residence however complained that there could be more to the quarrel than just a mere meat from the soup pot. The woman was them taken to a nearby clinic in that night for first aid treatment as she could be seen bleeding from both eyes, however the husband had ran as soon as the street emptied itself in their neighbourhood for fear of being arrested by the Police. Those who saw it first hand called the scenario an ugly one.

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