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This Is Why Regina Daniels May Divorce Ned Nwoko Very Soon

Regina Daniels The Nigerian Nollywood Teenage Actress, who is always 16 every year Who has Featured In a Whole lot of Nollywood Movies but is more popular on ghost type of Movies.

Apart From Davido and Chioma Drama we have this one too

Shocked thw world by first of all breaking Up with Boyfriend Somadina Who is also in the same movie industry and was known for his role in the movie Weeping Flower, And when we thought nothing is happening she went and married her Ancestor lol, pardon me if am too insultive it’s just a bad habit in me, She married a 59 year old Politician Ned Nwoko as the 6th wife .

We all know the story but here is the plot twist the following are the reason why this marriage will not last.

I. Regina Married Ned For Wealth : I wouldn’t say fame because she is already famous on her own, the man is a Goddamned Politician very rich at that, even recently she told Peter Okoye that she can empty the whole of shoprite if she chooses to. Me that my salary is written on one of the shoes in that shop.

I I. Regina Daniels Married Ned Because of his Age: The man is already 60 so when the man dies if Regina Daniels plays her card well she can inherit the whole thing

III. Regina Can Divorce Ned anytime and take half of his property : depending on what the court decides on she can become the Oprray Winfrey of Africa if she decides to leave

IV. She can even go back to her ex Boyfriend Somadina. You know what they said about men with six packs. Ladies will always choose six Cars over six pack. Which Regina Daniels is the proof.

With the above mentioned reasons Regina Daniels can Divorce Ned Anytime because the man is not really strong when it comes to satisfaction you know what I mean, She can’t endure this forever because of Money.

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