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The Truth Behind The Story Of A 22 year Old Girl Who Have Slept With 700 Men

Hi guys

I see no reason why people will come up with fake stories just to make money and followers, remember that as you’re doing that, you’re spoiling someone’s reputation out there and it’s really bad.

I remember scrolling through the news app when I saw a post of a 22 year old girl thinking of commiting suicide because no man have ever approached her from birth, I read the story I felt pity for her not knowing that people are just using her pictures to fabricate lies.

There’s another post on the news app with that same picture and the caption reads ” I slept with 700 men including 27 celebrities in 8 years” -22 year old slay queen.

Now as you can see, one picture 2 different captions, 2 different stories that contradict themselves. Now one thing people don’t know is that whatsoever you post on the internet, it spreads like wildfire especially posts like this. People should stop posting fake news in order to earn followers or money, it’s wrong.

Now a young lady posted on a group meant for opera news creators and she’s pleading that the person who posted it should take it down. Here’s what she said.

”Good evening everyone

Plz I don’t know who use my pics to caption what I don’t know about and post it on internet

My people are calling me, friends are calling asking questions

Please I’m begging the person that post this should bring it down


And here’s a screenshot

As you can see, she’s in a lot of trouble because of these posts made on the news app. Please my fellow creators stop using people’s pictures to fabricate lies in order to make money it’s totally wrong because you could get someone into big trouble or destroys someone’s reputation.

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