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Bus Conductor Kills Woman Over 50 Naira Change (Video)

After much interrogation, the suspect confessed being a member of the Eiye cult and he joined in order to get protection.

A passanger who spoke on anonymity says the bus conductor had first insulted the pregnant woman, before slapping her.

The conductor claims the woman is always demanding for her balance which i do tell her to calm down because there is no 50 change as at the time she was requesting for her change.

As the conductor couldn’t bear the whole scenario, he told her to alight at the next bus stop, upon getting to the next bus stop, the conductor pushed her out of the bus, thereby hitting her head on the floor.

She was however pronounced death on the spot, realizing the damage caused Azeez was apprehended by some concerned citizens as he tried taking on his heels

Speaking on the strenght of the report , CSP Olaniyi Babajide, says the suspect will be charged to court with first degree murder soon as investigations are concluded


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