6 Things That Every Man Should Do” After First Round In A Bed

These are six things you need to do first round to Last Long on second round and all.

1. EAT BANANA Always make sure you have banana inside your freezer. Immediately after you do the first round. Eat just 2 or 3 bananas and go for the second round.

2. DRINK MILK This milk will give you extra strength to enjoy it more in the second round.

3. EAT BITTER KOLA After your first round, eat just one bitter KOLA, don’t drink water on it.

4. DRINK WATER Make sure you drink a glass of water after your first round and start the second one. This works perfectly and you can last as you wish.

5. WASH YOUR PEN ** $ Immediately you finish the first round. Just go to the bathroom to wash your p ** nis, that will give it nice look and make it stronger.

6. DON’T REMOVE IT After your cum in the first round, try not to remove your pen * s from her till you hard again. After you hard. Men! You will last longer than you expected. Please like, share and make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments section and please click on follow button on top right corner.

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