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Why I joined Nigeria Police force, Beautiful cop, Obianuju Okeke Tells Us

Of course, it’s quite rare for someone with Obianuju Okeke’s look to actually join the Police force and since she’s unique in this calibre, people have been wondering why she actually joined the force.

Obianuju Okeke

In a post on her IG page, she acknowledges that people have always wanted to be in the know as to why she joined the force, but she says if they really want to know, they’d have to join the force too.

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Obianuju Okeke

She wrote,

People always ask me why i joined the force or what am i doing in the police. Lol. If only they know but i will leave them to keep wondering because most of us don’t have any knowledge about the police force and there’s no need explaining myself to anyone. If you want to know, join us #ilovemyjob#livingmybestlife#livingmydream#imaginemein10years.

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