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If your Boyfriend has never beaten you, he doesn’t love you – Nigerian Lady says (Photos)

A young Nigerian lady has advised ladies to stay with their abusive boyfriends because it is an act of love.

According to the lady, men usually beat their girlfriends because they want to correct them which shows how much they really love them.

The lady yet to be identified shared a video online and stated that it is an act of affection and love if her boyfriend beats her and that will make her love him more.

She also added that it is the same thing as parents who punish their children when they go wrong because they love them and must correct them.

” If your boyfriend has never beaten you then it means he doesn’t love you. When he beats you, you know that he loves you because you see that he wants to correct you. The more you beat me, the more I want to stay with you. Why would you beat your girlfriend once, continually beat her. Some ladies don’t really have sense so you have to beat them to show that you love them. It’s the same way our parents use to beat us when we were young because they love us”, she stated.

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