Heartless Woman Poisons Her Husband, Films While Watching Him Die (Video)

A Congolese woman a few days ago poisoned her husband over money and shockingly recorded the whole ordeal on video which was later shared on social media.

In the video sighted by Ghpage.com, a man is vomiting blood, groaning and keeps turning in pain till he died. The report explains that he was pinned by his own wife

The wife did not just end there, she went ahead to record her husband dying on her phone which later found its way to social media.

The couple before the wife poisoned her husband

The woman claims that her husband was not helping her to take care of their children and the only way she could punish him for his irresponsibility is to kill him.

Sharing the sad news on social media, someone close to the late man wrote on Facebook accompanied by the video:

Never mess with a woman!! She’s the only creature that has met with the Devil face to face and up to this day, no one knows what they discussed apart from that Apple story Lol ?…Woman poisoned husband and recorded it while he died because of child’s support.

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