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Words of this girl infected by the virus

Words of this girl infected by the virus
My dear, family, friends, colleagues of
Instagram work and followers, im
Making this post to make awareness
To my experiència so horrible and painful that I lived during these 3 days, I regret to inform you that I gave positive to covid-19, thanking God especially for still keeping me in this fight of this scary virus, I confess that Middle of death, I made a lot of relapses
Breathing my lungs are under oxygen,
After God thank the doctors who I
They are under special care… but not only him
I write to let you know my state of
Health, also making a call for
Be aware that you stay in
Your homes and take care of your health, just me and the
People who have this virus know the
Suffering that is going on.
However to thank each of the
My family my friendships that
They kept worried about me,
So much the love they gave me, yet
I’m still in the fight and I know that God will
I have the faith that it will be so… May God
Bless and protect me to each of you
If you read until the end
From an up or amen!
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God bless you all.

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