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Ghanian model tells Us Why She doesn’t wear a bra — See Photos

Busty Ghanaian Instagram model, Vickie Ama, who has always admitted that she doesn’t wear a bra took to her page on the platform to flaunt her jaw-dropping boobs.

Judging from photos that has been circulating the internet for a while now, it seems as though Ghanaian ladies are naturally blessed with ample bosoms.

We’re learning about Vickie Ama not long after we stumbled on Pamela Odame, who said her big boobs are a miracle to her,.

Pamela shared that they were not as big as they are now when she was a growing child.

The model revealed that her boobs began to grow bigger when she attained the age of 16 and her mother took her to see the doctor thinking she was sick

Meanwhile, see more photos of Vickie Ama below,

Busty Ghanaian model

Busty Ghanaian model

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