Watch this romantic Video of Shatta Bandle kissing his Girlfriend

Undoubtedly, Shatta Bandle is the most popular dwarf in Africa. He stands ‘tall’ among all the dwarfs that have ever gone viral in Africa.

His fame began when videos of him bragging and claiming to be richer than some rich people in African such as Alhaji Dangote went viral.

Well, it appears Shatta Bandle is not only famous for his size and loudmouth, but he is also enjoying the goodies that come with fame.

A video of the dwarf deep kissing a lovely lady has surfaced on social media and fast going viral.

The video from what has gathered was shared by Shatta Bandle himself on social media.

The dwarf has been bragging on social media that he has women at beck and call because he is rich. Perhaps, he released the video to prove his claims

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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