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“If your boyfriend refuses to suck you, wash your vag***, and use the water to make food for him” — Nigerian Lady advices

What’s with people and giving and receiving heads of late? Is it some kind of criteria for a relationship to grow and last longer?

Earlier this morning, we brought you reports about a Guy who advised ladies to use their menstrual blood to cook bitter leaf soup for their boyfriends, if they refused to suck them down below.

Dolapo Queen

Now, we have this, a lady identified as Dolapo Queen on Facebook, advising her fellow slayers to use water from their private part to cook meals for their boyfriends…

In her words, she wrote;

If your man refuse to suck you…my sister wash your pussy i said wash your pussy in a bowl and use the water to make eba and Ogbonor soup for him

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