South African woman states why ”men don’t want to leave her alone”


A South African woman, took to Facebook to share a “major secret” on why ‘men don’t want to leave her alone’.

Sharing a raunchy photo of herself, the South African woman revealed that men don’t want to leave her alone because she wears see-through clothes while cooking.

She further revealed that the see-through clothes are taken off while she is serving food.

She wrote;

The reason why your boyfriends and husbands don’t want to leave me alone is because this is how I dress when I’m cooking for them in my apartment. By the time I am serving dessert, see-through tops are off. Ku tense…

That time wena you are serving him with an ANC t-shirt written “Thuma Mina”. Just imagine!

On my way to Soshanguve to find out if there’s any woman who needs my help in taking care of her husband/boyfriend. One of my duties as world-renowned husband/boyfriend taker is assisting women with the trash in their homes by bringing it to mine. I am a garbage collector. It’s my small contribution to society…

See her post below:

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