Newborn baby grabs doctor’s shirt & refuses to let go only seconds after being born

A newborn baby held onto a doctor’s gown and refuses to let go just seconds after he’s brought to the world.

Photos posted by Phương Châu International Hospital in Vietnam has touched hundreds of web users’ hearts as it captured a special bond between the two.

The crying baby boy shows a strong grip as he holds onto a string that’s attached to the doctor’s gown and would not let go.

It’s said the doctor was about to leave and get changed when the baby suddenly held onto his shirt.

The doctor appeared to be confused as he watched the baby crying.

Some web users suggested the baby was complaining to the doctor that he did not want to be born.

Some others joked that the baby was hungry and asked for food.

Although there were no information of the baby disclosed, the newborn was nicknamed as ‘Baby Strong’, ‘Boss Baby’ by netizens.

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