Unhappy bride runs away with husband money, properties few days after their wedding (Photos)

The couple who made headlines some days ago after their wedding pictures hit the internet, are in the news again.

You all remember the bride who appeared gloomy on her wedding?

The photos which were shared by a Facebook user, went viral on social media for obvious reasons as bride looked gloomy and unhappy while tying the knot to a much shorter man.

The man was far older than the wife and there is a strong possibility their relationship is a product of matchmaking.

Days after the photos went viral, new photos from their honeymoon were released, with the bride smiling this time around.

If information reaching us is anything to go by, then its a confirmation that she indeed married the man because of his money.

Information received suggests that the said ‘unhappy bride’ carted away with her newly wed husband’s money and properties, and the latter has lamented just few weeks after their elaborate wedding.

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