This 9yr Old Girl Gets Pregnant After She Was R.a.p.e.d By A 48yr Old Man – See Photos

Report has it that a 9 years old girl was confirmed pregnant after been r*ped by a man called shagamu Tozundu who told security men he is 48 years old in Makurdi the capital of Benue State.

A statement from the victim Said Mr shagamu Tozundu who is a trader used to give her sweet food and drinks right from when she knew him as the trader which her mother buy most of her kitchen things.

According to the victim he started calling her his wife which every body know its was a play and her mother became his mother inlaw.

One day he asked her to come and help him sale, while she was in the shop Mr shagamu Tozundu gave her a bottle of drink after she finished drink she felt like sleeping the next thing I know is that she discovered herself in his bedroom which she doesn’t understand herself.

But because she didn’t know what happened and she just experience that for a short while she didn’t tell her mother after that incident the following weekend she was asked to come and help again this time he sends her to his house to unplugged his phone for him while she went Mr shagamu follow her while she was already in the house and he held her and r*ped her threatening to killed her if she shouted.

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