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Woman Beat Her Husband Up After Seeing Him With His Side Chick In A Bar – Watch Video

A video emerged some hours ago where a woman was seriously beating her husband. It was not funny at all.

According to story gathered, the fight started when a neighbour told the woman that she sighted her husband with another woman in a bar.

On hearing this, the woman wore her cloths and zoomed off to the bar. On sighting the husband, she firstly, wired a slap to the side chick who disappeared instantly and focus on her husband.

When she turned to her husband and gave him the beating of his life. Not only that she beats him but she used bottle to decorate the man’s head and body. The whole floor was painted with blood and it did not end there.

The woman dragged the man and pushed him far to the floor while slapping and beating him.

It took the help of people around to lift the woman out of the exhausted man’s body.

Seen the epic beating below

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