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Tenant Sleeping With Landlord’s Wife Learns The Hard Way…See What Happened (Photos)

A man has been paraded naked after he was caught sleeping with a married woman in an uncompleted building

According to reports, the duo were caught while romping in an uncompleted building.

The man who was caught naked with his married lover, was forced out of the uncompleted building without his clothes on – in a bid to shame him alongside his partner.

The incident is said to have occurred recently but Facebook user, Emmanuel who reported it however did not reveal the location of the occurrence.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have reacted to the trending pictures of the couple after their sexcapade was exposed.

see photos below  

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  1. Chris promise

    To me d world/people has lost der common sense hw can i catch my wife sleeping with another man n i wil punishe d man instead of my woman. If truly d woman u went and got married to truly loves u she wil not share her body with another man dats it almost 98.9 of our men is getting it wrong on dis aspect of justice .

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