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See what happened to this little Girl Whose Hands Were Burnt By Grandmother for stealing Indomie

A few days ago, there were reports of a little girl whose hand was burnt by her grandmother for eating Indomie.

According to reports reaching us the little girl has been able to undergo surgery to correct the damage in UBTH.

The little girl, simply identified as Hope, had her hands burnt by her grandmother who placed them over a gas stove in Edo State an issue which had caused serious outrage online. The little girl, however, found some succour, the Edo state Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development in company with the Permanent Secretary yesterday paid a visit to Hope in UBTH.

See Photos below;

We earlier reported that a woman was arrested in Benin city, Edo state following a reported case of extreme violence against her grandchild, the woman inflicted very severe pains on her granddaughter by placing her hands on a gas stove.

The little girl’s hands were placed on a gas stove by her grandmother until her hands got badly burnt because the hungry girl ate Indomie noodles against her grandmother’s wish. The little girl whom her name was not revealed suffered unimaginable burns as a result of the actions of her grandmother.

A well-meaning Nigerian who witnessed the incident reported the case to the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and the Ministry has stepped in, arrested the grandmother and have taken the child to UBTH for prompt medical care and attention.

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