Lady dies in The hospital after she went to have surgery to correct her K-legs (Photos)

A UK-based Ghanaian lady has met her untimely death after undergoing surgery to correct her K-shaped legs popularly known alanta.

This was made known in a Facebook post by Chris Vincent who revealed that though information about the whole incident was sketchy, what can be said was the fact that she wasn’t happy with her legs and decided to get it fixed.

It has now become a common practice that most people tend to undergo surgeries when they don’t feel happy about any part of their bodies.

Chris Vincent shared: “I have been told that this beautiful woman, of Ghanaian descent, has died in London.

And that she died after an operation/surgery to correct what we call “alanta” legs in Ghana—as she was not happy with the shape of her legs.

You cannot judge the decision of others, especially those dead.

But we should all be mindful of the hovering desire to achieve perfection—from bum enlargement to dick enlargement, these things are not the ultimate definition of happiness in life.
You do not need to be perfect for anyone. Perfection itself is an illusion.

Social media and the world we live in today put unending pressures on others, to become something else—with women leading the pack. From boobs to lips, people are altering what nature has accorded them.

May her soul rest in peace”.

See screenshot below:

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