Jealous Boyfriend Killed His 16 Year old Girlfriend With Acid: The Reason Would Shock You (Photos)

By reports, the girl decided to break up with her guy thus she was fed up with the boyfriend and wanted to be alone after he(the unidentified boyfriend) had bought an iPhone 11 pro for her days before her birthday.

The boyfriend grew very jealous and decided to end the life of this beautiful girl because he couldn’t stand the pain to see his girlfriend in another man’s hands thereby pouring acid on the girl.

Sources say the mother also suffered several degrees of injury after she came out from her room to see her daughter screaming out of pain when the acid was poured on her thus she unfortunately slipped and fell into the acid on the face

From a reliable source, the girl celebrated her 16th birthday last week Saturday (by then the girl was having problems with her boy that led to their break up) and the unidentified boyfriend sent to her an empty bottle and matches as a birthday present.

The girl after receiving threw it away out of anger because she wasn’t pleased with that gift. The boyfriend who thought he didn’t deserve that treatment after he had spent a lot on her. This informed his decision to pour acid on her to disfigure her face.

The issue is under investigation by the police to put behind bars the boyfriend and others who may be involved. As it stands the boyfriend has taken to his heels and is nowhere to be found.

She is currently receiving swift medical care at a hospital in Kumasi.

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