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See What Two School boys and a Girl were Caught Doing In Class After School

For a while now, immoral videos of Senior High schools have been going viral on social media.

From twerking in school uniforms, encouraging se.xual acts to leak tapes, the immoral acts keep growing among the youth.

The City Watch Nigeria len has sighted another video of 3 SHS students. The video has the 3 students; 2 boys and one girl indulging in 3som.

The girl was sucking one of the male students as the other one gives it to her from behind.

What makes the video more disturbing is the fact that this act was happening in their classroom after school hours and they were in their uniform.

It’s against policies to upload such content. See Screenshot below

The specific school which this abomination occurred is yet unknown but we are already investigating for more details

Source: Ghpage

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