I Need A Wife, I Am Not Getting Any Younger At 63 – Richest Black Man Aliko Dangote Cries Out

Speaking with David Piling in a Financial Times interview, Lunch with FT, the multi-billionaire, who is Africa’s richest man, revealed a soft side of himself and talked tall about his ambitions to buy Arsenal Football club after successfully leading Nigeria’s oil refining revolution.

The founder of Dangote Group, who is twice divorced and has three grown-up daughters, told FT that he is on the lookout for a new bride.

He however adds a caveat: “I’m not getting younger. Sixty years is no joke. But it doesn’t make sense to go out and get somebody if you don’t have the time. Right now, things are really, really very busy, because we have the refinery, we have the petrochemicals, we have the fertiliser, we have the gas pipeline.”

But he agrees that he needs to “calm down a bit”.


Who will believe that the man who has one of the biggest food chains in the country, actually fasts at least once a week? Dangote told Pilling that he tries to fast at least once a week, adding that “it helps to clean your system”.


As expected, Dangote has a very busy schedule, but who would have guessed that he may also be one of Africa’s busiest, taking over 100 calls per day.

Speaking of his relationship with Tony Blair, former British prime minister, Dangote says Blair only makes three calls per day. But he has to battle with scores, and tonnes of emails.

About his mails, he says: “you try to be polite and reply but they come back to you with a longer email, not minding that here is a very, very busy person”.

“Look Aliko, the world is not going to fall apart if you don’t answer your phone,” Dangote says of his golden advise from Blair.


The serial-entrepreneur says once his $12 billion refinery is done, Nigeria will for the first time in her history, become Africa’s biggest exporter of petroleum products.

“When we finish this project, for the first time in history Nigeria will be the largest exporter of petroleum products in Africa,” he said.


The man with the most amount of the money in Nigeria — officially — says only toughest of the tough survives in Africa’s largest economy.

Dangote say with his new refinery, he is out to make new enemies, stating that “you can’t just come and remove food from their table and think they’re just going to watch you doing it”.

“They will try all sorts of tricks. This is a very, very tough society. Only the toughest of the tough survive here”.


The Kano-born billionaire is not happy with Nigeria’s inability to produce what she eats, locally, and wants some hard policies to stop importation of some products.

“What Nigeria needs is to produce locally what we can produce locally. Nigeria still imports vegetable oil, which makes no sense. Nigeria still imports 4.9m tonnes of wheat, which does not make sense,” the $14-billion-man said.

“Nigeria still imports 97 or 98 per cent of the milk that we consume. The government needs to bring out a draconian policy to stop people importing milk, just like they did with cement.”


Dangote is not a man known to give up on his dreams, and his dreams about Arsenal Football Club will not be different, he reveals.

“I love Arsenal and I will definitely go for it,” he told FT, adding that the club should be worth about $2bn.

Speaking as the owner of the club, Dangote said he would involve himself in rebuilding the team — “chipping in my own advice”.

“When I buy it, I have to bring it up to the expectations of our supporters,” he said, stating that his refinery is priority now. “Once I have finished with that headache, I will take on football,” he concludes.

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23 Responses

  1. Kolawole mary says:

    I don’t need a husband all I need is an helper

  2. Deitive Birungi says:

    Am here sir

  3. Caroline says:

    So bad but very soon God will give you 1

  4. Omolara Gold says:

    Am here for you

  5. Omolara Gold says:

    Pls marry me am a single mother of two kids

  6. Wisdom Donwise Ibeete says:

    Sir Dango
    Let all the single girls submit their CV .

  7. Jane says:

    For real?

  8. Gladys says:

    Am interested but a single mother from Ghana

  9. Bongwong Glory says:

    I wish you could love me I will gladly marry you.

  10. Atonbara says:

    Please come and married me sir

  11. Stella Young says:

    You have been divorced twice. You are a busy entrepreneur. I am thinking you abandoned your wives being so busy. What will you do differently with a third wife?

  12. Eartha Webster says:

    Mr. Fat pockets,
    Fine a women that you see a reflection of self within her. And be grateful that she accepts all your issues.

  13. Mbabazi says:

    Mr Dangote,please come to Uganda. We have very beautiful single women ready for marriage. I will help you find one.

  14. Some girls will go for wealth not love , some girls will go there for filmos, why some will go there for sacrifice because of there poor family,

  15. Sonia Innocent says:

    Hmm God grant u, your heart desires and not put u into d hands of exploiters all in the name of love.

  16. Omowumi says:

    God will provide for u sir

  17. Lucy says:

    It not about the money just be yourself and honest if you that rich u would have any women u want Have faith God will send you the right one marry someone whonlove you for you not for what you got have a bless day

  18. Abdulkadir Hawau lolade says:

    Good morning sir, It was a pity that the richest man in Africa is in this type of condition. I don’t know how true is it but if yes, I pray to Almighty Allah to find and choose for him. All am hoping from him and his company is to get good job from his company. Which I have faith

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